Dotbooster is collaborative initiative designed and led by two of the most experienced specialist ultracycling coaches, Jasmijn Muller of Be The Egg Cycle Coaching and Niel Copeland of Turn Cycling.

The combined experiences of our own races and those of our coaching clients spans a wide breath of races. From the pan-flat but underestimated Race around the Netherlands to the unrelenting hills, wind and beauty of TransAtlanticWay. From the ‘sprint’ distance BikingMan races to NorthCapeTarifa, Europe’s longest ultra race. From fixed-route off-road races such as the Atlas Mountain Race to the challenge of plotting your own TransContinentalRace route. From race-winning or Top 10 results to the bitter disappointment of a DNF. 

We have been there, done it, seen it. We live and breathe ultracycling and want to share our passion for this beautiful niche with both newcomers and experienced racers.

Dotbooster is a training camp for ultra cyclists which aims to:

The Dotbooster training camp is for you if:


You can bring any bike you like as the Brecon Beacons offer the best road, mixed and off-road riding. Each day, you decide how far and fast you want to go, as long as you are back in time for the afternoon/ evening workshops. There will be a group ride on the first day. After that, you choose if you ride in a small group, as a pair or solo. This way you can learn with and from others, whilst also specifically preparing for your ultra races.
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Unlike any other training camp, we also offer a night ride as most riders will be riding through at least part of the night during their ultra races. The night ride will be on a low-traffic route and include at least one 24-hour refuelling option.
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No training camp should be all work and no play. To ensure you enjoy your riding and feel like you are thriving rather than surviving, we have included 1 rest day during which we will enjoy a late start, a couple of off-the-bike workshops, a pub lunch and some chill time around the fire.
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Riders are encouraged to fine-tune their route planning skills, but we have prepared a well-researched library of routes for you, all tried and tested by coach Jas who is lucky to call the Brecon Beacons National Park her home. The routes cover a range of distances and surfaces as well as bespoke notifications and recommendations for the best coffee stops.
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When you are training hard, you need to eat well. Catering is provided based on half-board with continental (self-serve) breakfast and the most amazing home-cooked dinners. You will also enjoy a selection of tasty, vegan and organic ride snacks, courtesy of Rawvelo and Supernaturalfuel. Not included are lunches, food and drink consumed during ride stops, alcoholic drinks and 1 pub dinner.
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There is ample private car parking available at the Manor and there is also a large and secure stone barn in which we can store the bicycles overnight.
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You may be happy to slum it in one set of stinky clothes or wash kit in the sink during an ultra race. But for this training camp, we are happy to have access to washing machines and driers for daily fresh laundry.
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Because everyone appreciates a goodie bag. The contents are a surprise, but expect a mix of useful and tasty things.
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Dotbooster is a unique training camp to prepare you for ultra cycling races, both on and off-road.

We offer our riders some of the very best riding in Wales, but crucially it is about more than miles.

A bespoke programme of daily workshops, delivered by expert ultra cycling coaches, will take you through all the elements of the rubix of ultra racing performance.

Each workshop comes with a handout to take notes, check out additional background information and follow through to product and race links.


Tools and techniques to build your mental skills for ultra racing success because the longer the race, the more can go wrong


Successful ultra-endurance cycling training and racing requires appreciation of the underlying physiology limiting performance, including potential impact of sex and age


Physio-led pre- and post-ride exercises to avoid injuries, optimise performance and aid recovery


Some say ultra cycling races are eating competitions on two wheels, but how do you practice this and do you understand the interaction between hydration, nutrition, pacing and temperature?


Understand the key factors that influence ultra distance bike comfort and learn to address some of the most common fitting issues


What tools to carry for road-side repairs during self-supported ultra races, how to use them and other creative solutions


What to pack (and why) for ultra cycling races, including handy tried-and-tested kit list examples for different types of races and conditions


Comparison of sleep set-ups and strategies to maximise sleep quality in all kinds of conditions as well as guided opportunities for sleeping outside for the 'bivy-curious'


Find out about the power management strategies, tools and techniques that have allowed your coaches to successfully complete some of the longest and most remote ultra races


Progress from adapting and marking up routes through to planning routes on the fly, using a mix of tools


During this session we discuss some of the safety expects of ultra cycling races, including safety equipment, first aid, insurance options, dealing with sleep deprivation, animals, highway and race rules


Maximising moving time and minimising stopping time is easier said than done. During this session we discuss, develop and rehearse pacing strategies and efficiency routines for food, toilet and sleep stops


Dotbooster is both for experienced racers and those thinking about doing their first ultra race. 

There is no such thing as a minimum speed, but you need to be comfortable with multi-day riding and have a passion for adventure. 

The group ride on the first day will be about 100km. After that, it is up to you how far you want to ride each day, providing you are back in time for the workshops. 

The route library has longer and shorter rides for you to follow or take as a starting point and adapt to your needs. And if your body needs an extra rest day, take it!

In addition to casual evening wear, you need to bring all the usual for riding: a well-serviced bike – can be road, MTB or gravel or several bikes if you like – , helmet, shoes, clothes, mini pump, repair kit, as well as your laptop, bike computer and phone for route planning and navigation, along with all their chargers and cables.

In addition, you should bring relevant spares for your bike (rear mech hanger, brake pads, quick links etc) as well as any roadside tools or spares you have, but may be unsure of how to use. 

We encourage you to bring (and ride with) at least partially-loaded bikepacking bags, filled with spare layers, charging tools and your sleep system, so you can test and compare these during the camp. If you don’t have some of these items yet, we can recommend rental options and testing outdoor sleeping is not a must. 

You must provide proof of third-party liability insurance for cycling. In the UK, this is included for example with membership of British Cycling or Cycling UK. Other cheaper, more flexible, but lower cover alternatives include Laka or Cycleplan. If you are coming from outside the UK, please ensure that you have travel insurance and that it covers you for taking part in cycling events.

Dotbooster 2024 runs from Friday 17 May 5pm through to Friday 24 May 10am, thus giving you the opportunity to recover from the training camp or extend your cycling fun over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

Dotbooster 2024 is 

  • £750 when booking a single bed in the 5-person dorm
  • £800 when booking a single bed in a twin or triple room
  • £900 when booking an en-suite double room as single occupancy.

This includes a full week of expert coaching support, unique daily workshops with session guides, 5 days of riding, 1 night ride, an extensive route library, half-board delicious catering, 7 nights of manor-style accommodation, free parking, laundry, WiFi, goodie bag and invaluable memories. 

For no more than twice the price of many ultra races, we give you a lot more than a cap, a couple of geo coordinates and good luck wishes 😉

For all bookings made after 1 March 2024, 100% payment is required upon sign-up. We don’t give refunds, but you can transfer your ticket to a friend if needed.


“What a week! I'm still buzzing and strongly suspect that this will carry on for weeks/months... re-living the great rides, the banter with the fellow dots-to-be, thinking about all the expert advice, shared freely and candidly, and working my way through all the notes and links. I've got lots of homework to do now to get ready for my big event next year.

What Jas and Niel don't know about ultra cycling probably fits onto a postcard.”
“We had a beautiful week of cycling with a really cool group of like-minded people in an incredible corner of the UK!

There was encouragement and support to push us out of our comfort zones but never any pressure! I would highly recommend Dotbooster to anyone thinking of signing up for an ultra, preparing for an ultra, or just looking to increase the distance and remoteness of adventures in the future!”
“Dotbooster was better than I ever expected and brilliantly prepared me for my first ultra race! This week allowed me to immerse myself in all things ultra, try a bivvy for the first time and push myself on a night ride and I left feeling prepared and confident.

Jas and Niel are excellent coaches and they created a fun and supportive learning environment. Dotbooster can also be 100% tailored to you depending on your riding ability, style and goals.”
“I have participated in a number of multi-day mountain bike and adventure races in remote places.

Jas and Niel created a relaxed but challenging environment which helped me to expand my range of skills and knowledge, and gave me the confidence I needed for my upcoming unsupported ultra race in Spain.

Dotbooster was also one of the best weeks of cycling I've ever had, and a s**t load of fun!.”
Steve Eastwood - Basajaun
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